Research & Analysis

Canadian ETV Program - Procedure for Laboratory Testing of Oil-Grit Separators

The Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program provides independent verification of technology performance claims so that users, developers, regulators, and other parties can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying, and regulating innovative technologies.  

Evaluation of Solar Assisted, Electric and Gas Golf Carts

This  6 month study at Bathurst Glen Golf Course  in Richmond Hill revealed that gas carts were on average over three times less fuel efficient than an electric golf cart. In real terms, the difference in fuel economy between a gas and electric golf cart is similar to that of a Hummer H3 SUV and a Toyota Prius Hybrid car.  

Performance Evaluation of Bioretention Cells

Bioretention systems typically consist of a shallow, excavated depression with layers of stone, prepared soil mix, mulch and specially selected native vegetation that is tolerant to road salt and periodic inundation.

Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Guide

The Low Impact Development (LID) Stormwater Management Guide is a joint initiative of the Toronto and Region and Credit Valley Conservation Authorities that has been developed in consultation with representatives from the Ministry of the Environment, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, GTA municipalities and the development industry. 

The Campus

The Living City Campus Solar Trailer Rental

Do you need a mobile power source with minimal fuel costs? Our solar trailers could be right for you!

New study to help improve integration of solar energy into the Ontario electricity grid

The Local Distribution Company (LDC) Tomorrow Fund is investing in the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program's solar research at the Living City Campus.