Archetype House

Promoting Sustainable Building Practices

The Archetype Sustainable House demonstrates viable, sustainable housing. Through education, training, market transformation and partnership programs, it influences how communities are planned, built and lived-in to minimize ecological footprints and improve people’s quality of life.

A Pillar of Sustainability

Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technologies

The Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technologies is one of the most energy efficient buildings in North America -- nearly 90% more efficient than others of its size size. The Centre  integrates innovative technologies from all over the world. It was awarded Leed New Construction Gold designation in 2006 and is targeting LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings in 2011.

Learning that Transforms

Professional Development Training

The Living City Campus at Kortright is an educational hub where industry professionals gather to discuss, share, learn, demonstrate, educate and be educated. Our series of professional development training workshops and certification programs cover Renewable Energy Technologies, Green Building Technologies, and much more.

Fostering Sustainability through Innovation

Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) is working towards a greener tomorrow by facilitating wider adoption of effective green technologies through monitoring, research, and knowledge sharing.

About Us

Experience, Explore, Educate and Inspire

The Campus is set apart from many sustainability centres by its natural setting. Nestled among protected forests, fields, rivers and wetlands, which support a rich diversity of wildlife, the campus brings nature into the urban sustainability equation.

The Campus:

The Living City Campus Solar Trailer Rental

Do you need a mobile power source with minimal fuel costs? Our solar trailers could be right for you! 

BRE Innovation Park

The BRE Innovation Park will provide a showcasing platform, a testing facility, a hub of innovation, an educational resource, a marketing opportunity, a collaborative enterprise and a catalyst for change.

New study to help improve integration of solar energy into the Ontario electricity grid

The Local Distribution Company (LDC) Tomorrow Fund is investing in the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program's solar research at the Living City Campus.  

Kortright Visitors Centre Retrofit - Update 2

The second phase of the Visitors Centre renovation was initiated in October 2012, and is now well underway.

The Living City Campus hosts Canada’s Premier Outdoor Photovoltaic Test Facility

"The Campus is Canada’s most established green building and sustainable technology research and education centre." - Green Building and Sustainable Strategies Magazine, May 2012.

TRCA and CISEC Canada recognized by Green Building Magazine!

"Canadians can now become certified erosion and sediment control (ESC) inspectors through a partnership between Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and CISEC Inc. of Parker, Colorado." - Green Building and Sustainable Strategies Magazine, Spring 2012.

Get inside the Archetype Sustainable House

Take a close look at green building technologies, materials and practices for residential homes.

Explore the Power Trip Trail

The Power Trip Trail provides informative demonstrations of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

Research & Analysis:

TRCA Showcasing Water Innovation Grant Project 2012-2014

In 2011, TRCA was awarded a Showcasing Water Innovation Grant by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to help transform water markets in the Greater Toronto Area and foster wider adoption of sustainable technologies and practices.   The project will help to address critical barriers to market transformation through technology demonstrations, effectiveness evaluations and knowledge transfer programming delivered at the Living City Campus and real world demonstration sites in residential and business communities.  More >

SolarCity Partnership

This partnership was set up to promote best practices and conduct third party monitoring of large urban solar installations. Since 2008, we have assessed over 15 large urban solar installations, including a combination of solar domestic hot water systems, solar walls, solar pools and solar photovoltaic installations. Results and decision making tools are shared through a publicly accessible web site. More >

Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Guide

This guide was developed to provide engineers, ecologists and planners with up-to-date information and direction on landscape-based stormwater management planning and low impact development stormwater management practices, and thereby help ensure the continued health of the streams, rivers, lakes, fisheries and terrestrial habitats in Ontario watersheds. More >

The Archetype Sustainable House Living Laboratory

The Archetype Sustainable House was designed to demonstrate sustainable housing technologies, materials and practices, and ultimately influence how production homes are designed and built. It has been instrumented with over 300 sensors and a state-of-the-art data acquisition system to allow the buildings and their component systems to be monitored continuously for research and educational purposes. More

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